Godric Grove

Godric Grove Sound Level Tests Feb. 2, 2010
map showing location of speakers and sound level meters at Elings Park, Santa Barbara, CA.

sound level results from three locations shown above

annotated chart of sound level recordings
(click to enlarge)

Four different sound tests were performed;  Sound levels were recorded at three locations simultaneously (Godric Grove, northwest location and east location).
Ambient sound level is about 40 dBA to 45 dBA in all locations.

Sound Test 1 was performed with speakers oriented toward the northwest.  
Speaker sound level is about 78 dBA

Sound Test 2 was performed with one speaker oriented toward the northeast and another speaker oriented southeast.  
Speaker sound level is about 78 dBA

Sound Test 3 was performed with both speakers oriented toward the southeast.  
Speaker sound level is about 78 dBA
(notice the reduced sound level at the northwest SLM position)

Sound Test 4 was the same as 3, but with sound level raised to approximately 88 dBA.

The figure below shows an acoustical simulation of the sound level tests, with topographical data incorporated in the acoustical model, shaping the attenuation pattern of amplified sound from Godric Grove.

"best case"

A Proposal:

Concept showing arrangement of panels of quilted noise blankets. 
The material is 1 inch thick, weighs 1 lb/sq.ft. and has grommets along the top edge for hanging.
The material is exterior rated and should last for several years.  
It is available in tan, black and other colors.

The material is available in 4' - 6" (four feet six inch) widths, and the top should be 10 feet above the deck. 
Therefore, each panel would weigh about 45 lbs. 
The panels are attached to each other vertically with industrial strength exterior Velcro.    
At least 10 panels are needed, for a total length of 45 feet.

Each panel costs about $450 to own.  Rental plus installation is also available.   
Some photos are shown here: