Kenwood Village notes

Kenwood Village, Goleta, CA
Steps to determining the LDN / CNEL sound level from Highway 101.

First, Caltrans Average Daily Traffic values are determined (Back AADT)
Settings for traffic count in acoustical simulation; 16,000 for northbound lane in this case.

U.P.R.R. train pass-by data is incorporated, plus the horn blowing at grade crossing.
At 22:22:15 hour, the peak value of sound was measured to be 94 dBA.

The LEQ for the hour between 22:00 and 23:00 is 72 dBA.
A penalty of 10 dB is assessed for sounds after 10 p.m., 
therefore the final sound level is 82 dBA for that hour.

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Traffic Modeling

data at 22:22:15 = 94dBA (column D)
Leq for hour = 72 (column E)

calculation of LEQ 1 hr. (see definition below)

calculation of final C.N.E.L.