Sound Thinking

Level, dBA
Military Jet at 100ft140
Artillery Fire at 10 ft130
Passengers Ramp at Jet Airliner120
Textile Mill105
Printing Plant100
Platform of Subway Station100
Jackhammer, 15 meter97
Generator Room90
Unmuffled Diesel Engine at 130 ft90
Heavy Truck, 15 meter85
Concrete Mixer, 15 meter80
Computer Printout Room80
Inside Auto, 64km/hr76
Vacuum Cleaner, 3 meter70
Freight Train at 100 ft70
Auto, Pass by, 30 meter65
Conversational Speech at 3 ft60
Large Transformer, 15 meter58
Urban Area55
Window Air Conditioner50
Suburban Area45
Quiet Country Setting35
Soft Whisper, 2 meter35
Empty Broadcast Studio28
North Rim, Grand Canyon25
Threshold of Good Hearing10
Threshold of Excellent Hearing – Youth                 0