Neighboring Sounds

from a review in the NY Times.

Neighboring Sounds

In Brazil, a Noisy, Tense Prosperity

BARKING dogs and a crying baby. Maids and housekeepers calling to each other through the air shaft of an apartment building. The echo of samba music on the radio and soccer matches on television. The faint murmur of the sea in the background, and in the foreground, the incessant clatter of construction: the pounding of hammers, the churning of cement mixers, the screeching of circular saws.

That is the soundtrack of daily life in Brazil’s big cities these days, the inevitable accompaniment of an economic boom. But that cacophony also served as inspiration for the director Kleber Mendonça Filho, who decided to give his first feature film, a winner of prizes at festivals in Europe and the United States, the enigmatic title “Neighboring Sounds.”

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